Dragonmeet 2017 London - Starfinder Society

Dragonmeet 2017 London - Starfinder Society

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Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 10:00

Starfinder Socoiety games make a debut at Dragonmeet 2017. 


​Dragonmeet always has a fantastic selection of games for people to play - whether you book to play or turn up and grab a slot. This year we are expanding what's on offer with more roleplaying games, board and card games. We're also introducing miniatures games and tournaments. We rely on a host of individuals and organisations to help put on such a wide range of games. Thanks to the following organisations for helping organise some of those games!

The Phoenix Games Club, London Indie RPG, Shadow Warriors Roleplaying Club, London Onboard, The RP Haven, London Darkness Roleplaying Club, The Pathfinder Society, Playtest UK and more to be announced soon. 

Notice for GM’s and Demo team staff – Free entrance passes can be collected from the games sign up desk which will have a list of all the people who have volunteered games. 

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