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Welcome to starfinder.com. Now play nice
welcome, newbies


Welcome to the Starfinder.com Forums

  • The first rule is common decency so  play nice . 
  • The second rule requires you to respect intellectual property (both Paizo's and that of Third Party Publishers). Do not ever offer illegal versions of published content.
  • The third and last rule is very simple: do not do somethinng that will require us to create more rules. Use your common sense and you should be alright. 

The Primary Locations on Starfinder.com

  • The Forums (where you can post and chat to your heart's content, not personal attacks, please)
  • The Blogs (where you can published writeups with url tags to make the blogs easily disocverable)
  • The Meetups (where you can advertise conventions or public meetups; please do not advertise private gatherings that could get people in trouble)
  • The Portals (where you can first contact the administrators here to include your website among the list of honorable mentions)
  • The Orbitals (where we will collect interesting content from across the world wide web that features the Starfinder RPG in some way)
  • The Accounts (where you can manage your profile and subscriptions). 



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