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Starship Spreadsheet
starship sheets

Does anyone know of a spreadsheet (google sheet, excel, etc) that can serve as a printable and saveable starship sheet? So far all the PDF starship sheet's with editable fields I've found don't allow me to save the data once I've typed all the stats in.

A spreadsheet seems ideal, since it could potentially calculate some things for me and warn if the systems ever require more PCU than are available (like when a secondary power core moves to the wrecked state).

Edit To answer my own post: 

So I see there is a Google Sheet already in the Resources list that would be useful during combat <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GzFHGVaM1Odj4Ga2ZmgssIxIjNTphvrN...">StarshipBuildBuddy</a> 

since this sheet can quickly re-arrange shield and tracks current damage.

There's also a set of player reference sheets I put together to assist players during starship combat. If you update it with the players/enemy starship tiers, then it will auto-calculate the DC roles for crew actions.

<a href="http://bit.ly/SFshipCombatRolesV2">Starfinder Starship Combat Roles v2</a> (Make a copy for each player ship, GMs can create opposing ships too.)

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Thank you, for the contribution. These will be added later today to the starfinder.com/resources

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