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Starfinder Society - Lorespire Complex - Absalom Station
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The Lorespire Complex

The Lorespire Complex is the home of the Starfinder Society on Absalom Station, not to mention the organization's primary base of operations. Thanks to the effect of the mysterious Starstone, Starfinders from across the galaxy can return to the Lorespire Complex in only a handful of days. Much of the Starfinder Society's success is directly related to maintaining this prime real estate onboard the Pact World's most important installation.

Starfinder Society Loremaster Complex Logo

Countless chambers and meeting halls fill the Lorespire Complex, including well-known areas like the First Seeker Ilyastre Memorial Museum, or the formal Skyreach Room gala hall. The Lorespire Complex also houses countless Starfinders and visiting dignitaries in pristine dormitories. Beyond the eponymous spire, other structures cover the greater campus. The Archives contain the Society's incredible wealth of physical assets, along with vast data vaults ostensibly under the watchful eye of Historia-7 and her Dataphiles. The Hall of Discovery houses the elected Forum and First Seeker during their regular debates and meeting to steer the Starfinder Society. Other less known—or simply avoided—installations exist on the grounds of the Lorespire Complex, including the holding cells of the Adamantine Bastille, the mystical communication devices of the Communion Vaults, and the deadly proving grounds known only as the Perplexity.

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