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Starfinder fans meet and greet here
newbies, fans

And the doors are open to all the curious Starfinders venturing into this cantina.

(Obviously not a hive of scum and villainy, that was Star wars)

Gathering the Starfinder Iconics

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Techno Deity and Justicar Supremo

Brett Casto
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Crickets and tumbleweeds in SPAAAAACE!

So I guess I'll be the first to wander in and say hello. Hello! 

I would have thought that more would have shown up by now, with the game being released and GENCON done and dusted. Hopefully it'll pick up. 

If anyone happens to be in the Highland, Illinois area and wants to meet up, I've got the perfect place for us to do so. Really itching to play some Starfinder (as well as an old game I have in my closet called Ninja Burger), so if so let me know!

Brett Casto
Highland, IL

Negromaestro *
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Welcome Brett Casto. Thank you for being the first to launch our Fan Forum here. angel

The idea behind all the sections on this website are designed to offer fans a central repository of all fan-made and even some free official Starfinder content collated from across The Internet. 

We hope to extract information from other public sources, like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and process them in our "Orbitals" section.

Game events are processed from Warhorn.net and posted on the Homepage and also in the "Portals" section.
Our own "Meetups" section is also here to help find players and game masters. 

Finally, the "Blogs" section will help those who do not own their own blogs to have a free space here with a straight-forward website address:


We expect lots of third parties to published Starfinder content, so we hope we can also make our own grand vision a success too.


Techno Deity and Justicar Supremo

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