2017 The Year of Starfinder

Looking back at the year 2017 surely brings up the Starfinder RPG to anyone following anything in the Role Playing Games hobby.

So how far have we all come this year that is passing by so quickly?

  • by Stephen Glicker
  • Tue, 10/24/2017 - 11:02

Hi Starfinder/Pathfinder/Paizo fans:

Like others, we are running through the Dead Suns Adventure Path for Starfinder. Unlike others, we have special guests playing NPCs and others in the game industry. Our first episode had Thurston Hillman and future episodes are scheduled to have a who's who of gaming luminaries. 

Our players are pros with over 170+ years of combined role-playing experience and our group has been playing together for more than a dozen years. We know how to get the best ... and worst ... from one another. 

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  • by Fanbase Servitor
  • Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:12

The Lorespire Complex

The Lorespire Complex is the home of the Starfinder Society on Absalom Station, not to mention the organization's primary base of operations. Thanks to the effect of the mysterious Starstone, Starfinders from across the galaxy can return to the Lorespire Complex in only a handful of days. Much of the Starfinder Society's success is directly related to maintaining this prime real estate onboard the Pact World's most important installation.

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Space enough for another Fansite

So the inevitable question will surely get asked around:

"Why another Starfinder fansite?"

Because of SIN (salient introspective narcissism). But honestly, the short answer is always, yes, because its existence does not invalidate the many others out there.

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