2017 The Year of Starfinder

Looking back at the year 2017 surely brings up the Starfinder RPG to anyone following anything in the Role Playing Games hobby.

So how far have we all come this year that is passing by so quickly?

One month after Starfinder RPG debuts at GenCon50

Firstly, this is an unofficial community blog, open to anyone inspired to write a blog here.

So today is the 17th of September, a month after the 50th Anniversary of GenCon and the debut of Paizo’s Starfinder RPG. So let us look back at this past month and reflect upon the state of the game.

GenCon50 Logo 17th of August 2017

What is interesting about Starfinder

Prior to Starfinder’s release, everyone seemed to be hyped. “It’s going to be the best sci-fi game” some would exclaim, while many would follow along similar lines of hyperbole. Being a sci-fi fan and someone who’s run many a d20 game (including Star Wars), I was curious how this would be handled. Is it going to be Pathfinder in Space, or is it going to actually be an interesting sci-fantasy game that brings multiple elements together in harmony?

Space enough for another Fansite

So the inevitable question will surely get asked around:

"Why another Starfinder fansite?"

Because of SIN (salient introspective narcissism). But honestly, the short answer is always, yes, because its existence does not invalidate the many others out there.

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