What is interesting about Starfinder

What is interesting about Starfinder

Reviewing th Starfinder RPG (by LibrarianNPC a regular games blogger)

Prior to Starfinder’s release, everyone seemed to be hyped. “It’s going to be the best sci-fi game” some would exclaim, while many would follow along similar lines of hyperbole. Being a sci-fi fan and someone who’s run many a d20 game (including Star Wars), I was curious how this would be handled. Is it going to be Pathfinder in Space, or is it going to actually be an interesting sci-fantasy game that brings multiple elements together in harmony? Curious, I borrowed a copy from a friend and gave it a read once I finished reading Star Trek Adventures.

The game is a d20 game, and if you have ever played a d20 system, especially Pathfinder, you will be right at home. 

==The Pitch==

Starfinder is a science-fantasy game set long after the Pathfinder RPG that spawned it. The idea is to tap into the love of exploration and troubleshooting we saw in Pathfinder and bring it to a galactic scale.

==What We Get==

The book itself breaks the 500 page mark between rules, character creation, equipment, and setting. This book also offers a “Legacy” section, in which is explains how to convert your favorite elements of Pathfinder into Starfinder, promoting the idea that your previous Pathfinder purchases will not be useless due to changing games.


For more details, visit Anthony DeMinico Twitter feed or StickyBunton blog.

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