Space enough for another Fansite

Space enough for another Fansite

So the inevitable question will surely get asked around:

"Why another Starfinder fansite?"

Because of SIN (salient introspective narcissism). But honestly, the short answer is always, yes, because its existence does not invalidate the many others out there.

The long answer, is more rhetorical. The universe is vast and full of planets and galaxies. And our Starfinder Societies are just a microcosm of the vast swath of societies that exist in the Starfinder universe. This particular website can be viewed like another self-governing planet that pledges allegiance to the Starfinder Flag, thus, building an even larger coalition of Starfinders.

So the inevitable follow-up question is usually:

"So what makes this website different?"

The answer is relative to your particular preferences. With "" here, we hope to create a vast community of fans who enjoy playing the Starfinder RPG and who want a central portal to many other websites. We truly expect many such websites to spring up after Paizo's Starfinder launch party this 50th Gen Con. We also hope to enable smaller Starfinder Societies across the world get an online presence, while enjoying the benefits of interacting with the larger established societies through this portal of and also others.

But here is the real kicker: though working for the love of the game, our techincal team is already building the connections to the "Meetup API", the "Reddit API" and hopefully, the "Warhorn API" plus, integration with Facebook API.

A welcome to the curious

Finally, welcome to Enjoy your stay here and be respectful of fellow Starfinders around.

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