I can't remember the name of this one planet! Help!

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I am trying to remember the name of that library planet that was the setting for a couple of society games. i don't even remember which campaign sessions they are, but I know it was a massive planet wide library with strict rules about not taking things without permission or something like that.

Does anyone know what it was called or what book it is in?

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[Event] Free RPG Day 2020 with Starfinder Skitter Home (at your FLGS)

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Visit your Free Local Gaming Store if you can.. Some may even have this Free RPG Day Starfinder booklet.


Even the most helpful six armed heroes sometimes need a little rest and relaxation. But while on vacation to their homeworld, our veteran skittermanders come face to face with a threat far more dangerous than they could have expected. Once again, this fuzzy crew must save the day!

In these unique adventures, players can tackle two harrowing incidents in any order they wish, or they can play them separately as stand alone sessions. In the first, they party at Reetamander, a festival celebrating a lunar eclipse on the skittermanders’ homeworld, but are forced to confront a villain who attempts to sabotage the festivities.

In the second, their underground hunting expedition turns into a rescue mission when stridermanders—massive, terrifying cousins of the skittermander species—wreak havoc in the caves. In addition to these versatile adventures, this book includes four pregenerated characters that are ready to play, with full stat blocks and backstories.

The inside covers include all of the maps needed for this adventure. Skitter Home is a raucous affair written for the popular Starfinder Roleplaying Game. It’s intended for four 4th-level skittermander characters who are looking for some fun before jumping into action like the helpful heroes that they are.

Join in the fun and grab a copy of Paizo’s Free RPG Day offerings while supplies last. These special adventures were created specifically for Free RPG Day 2020. The print editions will be available for sale and free PDF downloads will be available on paizo.com 30 days after FreeRPG Day.

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[News] Playtest new Starfinder Class Nanocyte and Mecha

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At its core, Starfinder is a game about exploration and possibilities.

Enter the nanocyte.


The nanocyte’s body houses nanites in untold numbers, granting them impossible strength, transforming into tools, and coursing between obstacles to overwhelm their foes. The same nanites can reshape the nanocyte’s body to avoid harm as easily as they reconfigure features to conceal their presence or mask a lie, making the nanocyte an adept combatant and infiltrator able to manifest weaponry at a moment’s notice. Whether their powers stem from excruciating experiments, accidental infection, or voluntary symbiosis, the nanocyte’s nanites grow stronger by the day as the character evolves into a being more machine than mortal.

The Nanocyte and Mech

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